A creative, inspiring environment for the right outcome?!

Groups and companies have repeatedly asked if we can provide a way for them to hold a conference or meeting directly at the boutique hotel, because they find it so beautiful, atmospheric and inspiring.

Of course, we were happy to comply with this wish of our guests.
The modernly equipped conference room is now available to our guests (from 5 people) by arrangement.

In addition to the technology, the price per person also includes hot and cold drinks, as well as biscuits and snacks.

So if you need a creative incubator in Fulda to generate the right outcome, you will now find it with us.

For further or individual inquiries, please send an email to: info@boutique-hotel-fulda.de

Important information:
In order to be able to use the conference room, guets must also have booked a room.
Did you know? As a guest, you can of course also book our delicious breakfast.
25 € * / per guest
Modern equipment:
– UX Pro 2 Touchscreen
– 4K interactive Whiteboard
min. 5 to max. 10 guests
Own WiFi
Use of space by:
7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m



Start the day with a breakfast together in an exclusive, cozy atmosphere! We serve our treats right at the table.

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